Help support mental health recovery through music

Mental health through music

Upbeat is a small mental health charity based in Camden that has some incredible celebrity supporters such as Coldplay as Patrons and Kaiser Chiefs, Sir Paul McCartney and others backing fundraising for the organisation.

They are looking for marketers willing to contribute their talent to help them make the most of their high profile supporters, so they can expand their programmes and support more people recovering from mental health issues through music mentoring and training.

In the UK a quarter of the population will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, so this is an issue that can’t be ignored.

Upbeat’s unique programmes support recovery from mental health issues through music training, workshops and mentoring. Their programmes support working-aged adults in gaining the confidence, skills and connections they need to expand their income streams, re-integrate with society and belong to a community.

Upbeat involves its clients in the design of their workshops and employs local professional musicians to deliver their programmes. The individuals that participate come away with increased motivation, personal responsibility and a meaningful sense of accomplishment and purpose.

With the support of your marketing talent Upbeat can help many more people suffering from mental health issues find their own solutions through group music training and community events.

Upbeat is working to diversify their income with the support of their fundraising partner Eazl. Last year Eazl created a fun celebrity art fundraiser called “Art in a Box” that saw original artwork from Joanna Lumley, Leigh Francis, Coldplay and many others auctioned off in support of Upbeat.

And this year to continue the celebrity art theme, Eazl has created “Art in a Corner”, which will see original artwork created by famous bands and endorsed by Sir Paul McCartney displayed for the public to enjoy and then auctioned off to support Upbeat and two other arts and music related charities.

But in order to fully capitalise on the great work that is done by the team at Eazl, Upbeat needs to increase their supporter network and raise interest in “Art in a Corner”.

Marketing support needed
Upbeat needs your help to turn their marketing ideas into an action plan. They are looking for support with creating a step by step plan to improve their communication with their existing contacts and to attract new supporters ahead of the launch of “Art in a Corner” in the spring.

They are also looking for support from up-and-coming marketers who are willing to get their hands dirty and help them implement their marketing plan by contributing their social media marketing talent, corporate engagement skills and event marketing skills.

Get in touch with Anna Mullenneaux, Chief Match Maker at Pimp My Cause at [email protected], to offer your support to Upbeat or to find out about the hundreds of other pro bono marketing opportunities available through Marketing for Good.