How Marketing for Good is shaping the future of society

Shaping the future of society

The Marketing Society’s Marketing for Good initiative, in partnership with Pimp My Cause, has enabled many of the Society’s top marketers to support charities and social enterprises using their specialist skills and experience.
But from time to time that support has also been scaled even further when members have involved the organisation they work for to create dedicated partnerships with the initiative.

Ben Stevenson, Director of the specialist marketing recruitment agency EMR saw such an opportunity when he was introduced to Marketing for Good during last year’s Summer for Good party.

EMR’s mission is to work closely with the marketing profession to help “Shape the Future of Businesses”. This is a mobilising agenda that drives EMRs work day by day. The company has placed tens of thousands of marketers in roles that give them the opportunity to shape organisations, brands, products and services across all core sectors.

But if marketing should take a leading role in business doesn’t it also have a similar contribution to make across other parts of society more broadly?

Such a thought inspired Ben to introduce Pimp My Cause to his colleagues at EMR.  That introduction is now culminating in the launch of a partnership that supports marketers in “Shaping the Future of Society”.

EMR has created a dedicated micro-site for the partnership which will raise it’s profile among EMR’s network of over 200,000 marketers, introducing them to the opportunities that are available through Pimp My Cause and sharing insights into how working with causes can be a useful and rewarding part of building a successful marketing career.

EMR’s consultants will also work with the candidates they support to help them identify the right opportunities to fulfil their individual aspirations and maximise the difference they can make with their professional skills.  

“When it comes to finding a new role in an increasingly competitive market it can be the little things that set the best candidates apart. We believe gaining experience through Pimp My Cause can help round out a marketer’s skill-set or enhance skills in a different way to how they might be used in their current role. For example a candidate working in a large corporate with a large marketing budget can enhance their marketing skills by supporting a cause where there is little or no budget.”

As well as engaging individual marketers across their network, EMR is encouraging whole marketing teams to get involved through Challenges that support them in developing the capabilities they seek to enhance and deploying them on live briefs.

Leading by example, EMR is beginning with an internal Challenge that will involve their own senior consultants in taking on a live charity brief of their own.

As Paul Skinner, founder of Pimp My Cause concludes, “Marketers have a particular set of capabilities that enable them to make an unparalleled contribution to the business world and civil society alike. Every opportunity a marketer takes to step back, reflect on what they have to offer and take on a bigger problem than perhaps they previously thought they could solve has the potential to change them as a marketer and change the world around them for the better at the same time”.