Inspired Us: Fist bump to road bump

Inspired Us: Fist bump to road bump

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Three Trump inspirations, by Giles Robertson

I decided to wear my ‘Trump Inspiration’ glasses to view the week’s news! And look what I saw!

Perhaps Trump understands diplomacy better than we think?

The same week as the Post Paris climate talks start in Bonn, Donald is out playing golf (hopefully in a low energy battery powered golf cart) with Japan’s premier, Shinzo Abe.

Most of their nine hole round chat, I am sure, was focused on near neighbours, North Korea.

But I’m inspired to believe that they may have talked about the implications of 16% of the global population (India) seeking to live the ‘American Dream’.

And maybe about climate change as well? They did ‘fist bump’ half way round!

Women’s rights

We also can look to Saudi Arabia, where Trump travelled in early May to meet the Young Prince, Mohammed bi Salman (who is currently conducting an anti-corruption cleanse).

Despite his former inner circle calling Trump a ‘disgrace to America’, could Trump have inspired him to push women’s rights forward?

By the middle of next year, women are expected to be allowed to drive cars and travel abroad without endorsement from their male guardians.

Social media always on

Trump has inspired many with his favourite media gun, to speak directly to his electorate; The Trump Tweet.  It’s 24-7 and relentless, whether he is admonishing the fake news channels, praising people for their service, the energy and effort he puts in to every “Trump Tweet” is surely inspiring to all social media offices.

Oh no my glasses are fading; sometimes his ‘Trump Tweets’ backfire on his diplomacy efforts…will it ever be a dull leadership?

What glasses will you wear to see the world in a slightly different way?

By Giles Robertson, Director of Green Banana Marketing Ltd, a Marketing Society Fellow, Board Member of the Marine Conservation Society and Associate Lecturer at Bucks New University.

@gogreenbanana and Linkedin or email [email protected]

Image: AP Photo / Wilfredo Lee


Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 06 Dec 2017
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