The new rules of marketing and PR

The new rules of marketing and PR

Scott's book is the classic case of "chameleonic work". Under the surface of a very well written and easy-to-read "How To Manual", it is actually a quite disruptive work in several aspects.

First of all, in the way the book has been written. This is the fifth edition - the first one was published in 2007 - and the "refresh" is based on the constant dialogue between the author and his followers in several social platforms. Concepts and ideas are constantly discussed and reviewed and new case histories are added edition after edition. A sort of "social media stream of consciousness" a' la Joyce, constantly producing new thoughts, propositions and practical suggestions. More a "blog in paper" than a classic book.

From a content perspective, beyond the long list of chapters dedicated to every single tool/method available in the Digital Space, a few crucial messages are coming through.

Scott argues that "Marketing" and "PR" are not anymore only functions within a corporation delivering specific professional services/support. Nowadays, given that the access of most of the digital marketing tools is nearly free, "Marketing & PR" is THE way that all of us - not only companies - should follow to create and nurture our own "personal brand". A sort of "Democratization of Marketing&PR". As a result, most of the case histories here are about individuals and small companies moving their brands and businesses to the next level, by applying the principles presented in the book.

The second key point is about the importance of "People First". Scott successfully demonstrates that - in actual fact - Customers are the only real and tangible asset for any companies. Products/brands/advertising come and go, but keeping a stable and positive relationship with our customers must be there all the time! As a result, "1-2-1" is the only way forward, an effective and efficient touch-points management is essential and great content is everything! Brands should behave like publishers to survive and grow.

As People now define the rule of game, making a distinction between Marketing and PR is artificial, as it reflects more an inertial way companies organize their assets more than the reality of the way Customers connect with Brands. Even "Sales" should be considered as another touch-point with Customers and its "social" aspect should be developed and put at its core.

Finally, the concept of "Instantaneous" is fundamental to understand this New World. 24/7 is not just a "vision" anymore, but it is already happening and successful companies are embracing it. This is about constantly monitoring what is happening out there, be part of the conversation, be "real" to link with real people, be "open" to accept and embrace suggestions and ideas and, last but not least, be "transparent" in the way you behave and in your promises to your customers.  

Highly recommended to learn where our industry is heading to and how to start using some of the tools of this "New Era"

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