Soap Cycling (再皂福) Getting hands on to prevent disease

Soap Cycling (再皂福)
Corporate social responsibility is important to us, and we like to leave the office every now and then to do something good for the community. Apart from the pro bono work we do for them, HandsOn Hong Kong helps us to organise these opportunities and give back to society.
On Friday 22 August 2014, a group of us took some time out of our busy day and went out to the Soap Cycling factory in Kwai Hing to lend a hand. Soap Cycling is an organisation that takes used and donated soaps, often from hotels, and recycles them to be used in communities that need them most.
While many of us take personal hygiene for granted, this day of service was a sobering reminder of the inadequate supply of even basic hygienic products, such as soap, in far too many communities. Many potentially deadly diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea are preventable with access to soap and water. Unfortunately, there are children throughout Asia who still lack these necessities.
Soap Cycling is working to change this.
Over an afternoon of working in the factory our team was able to salvage 600 bars of soap that will supply 60 families in the Philippines with adequate sanitation for a month. We were surprised to see how even just a short time out of the office could produce such meaningful outcomes for others, and we hope you’ll consider doing the same.

Find out more about Soap Cycling and the work they do and get involved with HandsOn Hong Kong.

This article originally appeared on fluid's website. Read more about their CSR initiatives here.