Tourism Tasmania’s giant game of musical chairs

Tourism Tasmania’s giveaway

In a bid to attract visitors from neighbouring Australia, Tourism Tasmania transformed the front lawn of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art into an adult playground where one of the largest ever games of musical chairs was orchestrated.

The experiential activation, which was part of Tourism Tasmania’s ‘Cheeky Half Million $ Seat Giveaway’ campaign, encouraged contestants to take part in the old school game to win themselves return flights for two to Tasmania.

Around 1,000 registered 'booty-shakers' competed to firmly place their ‘cheeks’ on one of the 350 winning seats. But in a nice twist, all the contestants ended up receiving free return flights, so everyone went home a winner.

A DJ was on hand to provide the music for the game and Australian TV personality David Whitehall MCed the event and kept the momentum going.

I love how Tourism Tasmania played on people’s sense of fun in this campaign – who doesn’t love a good game of musical chairs?! Reviving the game made for a fun, nostalgic brand experience that the contestants will not be forgetting any time soon – especially considering that they all won! The fun activation most certainly would have turned the heads of passers-by too.

At BEcause, we love the idea of giving adults time to play – last year we created an adult playground for Evian to help Aussies to embrace their inner child. The playground included an oversized Hills Hoist clothesline that adults could swing on – safe in the knowledge that they wouldn’t be told off by mum!

Evian Live Young Backyard Experiential Marketing Campaign from BEcause Brand Experience on Vimeo.

Creating a surprising, off-beat brand experience is a brilliant way to generate positive, brand connections that are memorable and talked about. In our report on '7 ways to engage' this sits firmly in 'Surprise and Delight'. (For a copy of this report just drop me a line.)

This year marks a record year for tourism in Tasmania, and it looks like these numbers will continue to grow if Tourism Tasmania continues pulling off great marketing stunts like this…

More and more tourism organisations are utilising cutting-edge experiential marketing to get people talking - did you see Tourism Jamaica’s fun experiential stunt where they placed a giant stress ball on New York’s Times Square? Take a look here.

Joss Davidge is managing partner of BEcause, an award winning brand experience agency which has been helping brands become more tried, tested and talked about for over 20 years.