Why Clare Baker is helping Sky Badger

Clare Baker and Sky Badger

We caught up with Clare, marketing director at Absolute Radio, to get her thoughts on supporting Sky Badger.

What inspired you to participate in Marketing for Good?
After meeting with Pimp My Cause, the team were inspiring and I was keen to help smaller organisations who don’t have the budgets to hire in marketing teams.   

Why did you choose to work with Sky Badger?
A fantastic cause, led by inspiring people.

What challenges were they facing?
Ensuring their marketing collateral would raise awareness and help with fundraising.

How were you able to help them address those challenges?
Reviewing their existing materials and advising on routes to take to get their partners involved.

How have you benefited from the experience?
Looking into a completely different market from my day to day.

What would you say to other marketers considering getting involved?
It is a great way to use skills that can benefit others. Even just proof reading something can make a difference to an organisation.

If you would like to find out more and see how you get involved, please get in touch with Sarah Woodley. And you can browse more marketing for good content in our Clubhouse.