The world’s first underwater store experience

Underwater store experience

Joss Davidge, managing partner of live brand experience agency BEcause, is always on the lookout for the boldest and most inspiring experiential marketing campaigns from around the world.

This week, Sony’s underwater store in Dubai has quenched his thirst for inspiration.

Last year, Sony got people talking about its new waterproof smartphone by filming it being unboxed underwater and posting a video on YouTube.

That’s all well and good and drummed up a lot of short-lived interest, but like Samsung demonstrated last year with its waterproof Galaxy S5, proving this product promise calls for a live experience.

With this in mind, Sony constructed the world’s first underwater store in Dubai – dubbed ‘Xperia Aquatech Store’ - that was open to competition winners, VIPs and members of the press.

The store was located four metres under water – but before the lucky invitees could visit the shop, they had to attend scuba diving lessons – which is a great experience in itself. The sub-aquatic shop was only open for 3 days, making it an even more exclusive experience.

Granting its consumers a unique, somewhat once-in-a-lifetime experience was a sure-fire way of making the brand and product memorable whilst also underlining Sony’s innovation and commitment to making waterproof devices.

By being so bold in its marketing, Sony not only got the attendees talking, but also people all over the world through the press attention such a unique activation naturally garnered.

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Joss Davidge is a managing partner of BEcause, the award-winning live brand experience agency, dedicated to enhancing Brand Love.

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