Vicky Gillan

Managing Partner, AAR Group

Vicky joined AAR in 2007 to lead new product development, having worked client-side for over 20 years as a senior marketer. Her previous roles spanned campaign, brand, insight and marketing operations, across industries such as FMCG (P&G), financial services (Barclays), and media (emap). She now heads up our Drive practice, enabling brands to consistently deliver high performance from their marketing ecosystem.

Vicky works with marketing teams and their partners, from all categories and disciplines, to shape and deliver the right change programme. This can vary from helping clients to soundly embed new partner relationships, evaluating how well they are working together to building new processes and upskilling programmes that makes marketing output better and more efficient. Ensuring change is thoroughly connected to business goals and marketing transformation is at the heart of what Vicky brings to AAR consultancy.

Her recent projects include a strategic research consultancy brief for ITV, managing a commercial and relationship audit for and delivering a Marketing Excellence Training Programme for the fifth year for the Co-op.

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