William Soulier

CEO and co-founder, Talent Village

William Soulier, is CEO and Co-founder of Talent Village, an influencer marketing platform. Talent Village offers premium influence solutions for brands to build meaningful campaigns with highly engaged influential talent on Instagram.

William started his career in wine and spirits sales, before specialising in digital marketing within the luxury space, helping brands shift to mobile-first online strategies. During that time, he was exposed to the power of influence, and saw a clear need for brands to collaborate with professional talent on social media to ensure authenticity and generate greater engagement.

Talent Village itself crafts talent-first content strategies that spark engaging conversations and meaningful brand advocacy. Talent Village’s holistic approach to brand content places talent at the centre of always-on marketing programmes. They deliver best in class creatives and offer rich insights to help brands engage consumers efficiently and with consistency, across all marketing channels. Talent Village works hand in hand with leading talent agencies, on a global scale, to build smart partnerships with professional experts that will deliver authenticity and credibility to its clients.

As social media continues to become integrated into our daily lives, it’s no surprise that a mobile-first industry such as