The Marketing Society is an exclusive global network of 2,700 senior marketers. We encourage our members to become bolder leaders, helping them think differently about the challenges they face. In the 55 years since we began, we've become one of the most influential drivers of marketing in the world.

  • Roisin Donnelly

  • Andy Fennell

  • Keith Weed

  • Sir Martin Sorrell
As a member, you're in great company, surrounded by the best in the business. You have access to the latest thinking and leading edge content. The perfect arena to share best practices and grow your skills.
Our programme is designed to encourage interaction, participation and debate focuses on:
  • Customer Champions
  • Growth Drivers
  • Digital Network
  • Green Agenda
  • Business to business
  • Customer Champions - A crucial role for marketers within their organisations
  • Growth Drivers - Ensuring marketers drive the growth of their business
  • Digital - Using digital channels to grow and develop brands
  • The Green Agenda - How can marketers encourage sustainable growth?
  • Business to Business - Forging strong relationships throughout the supply chain to drive growth
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