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Bring the very best people from our network into the heart of your business to supercharge knowledge and productivity with power hours.

We bring The Marketing Society’s network inside your company with our curated offering of inspirational speakers because we believe, small changes can collectively yield significant results across a team. The sessions provide external stimulus, aligning the whole team around a single idea to effective change and drive positive impact. 

The sessions are one hour in length; an introduction, a 30-minute talk from an expert followed by a 20-minute Q&A to allow for clarity and curiosity. Delivered online only via Zoom or other, therefore there is no cap on the audience size.

The price is GBP £2,750 +VAT per session (or equivalent in your local currency).

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"As part of our Business Team membership and the Insiders Programme I had the pleasure of interviewing Stacey Copeland, British Boxer and I can’t recommend Stacey highly enough as a speaker. Her open and honest discussion about challenging stereotypes and encouraging diversity throughout her sporting career was inspirational, and a great reminder of what we can all do to break down barriers and challenge norms. Her grit and determination balanced with her empathy and warmth meant that the whole audience were engaged and the feedback from the British Gas team was phenomenal."


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Scott Morrison The Insiders Programme

Bring the Boom! Mindset

Delivered by Scott Morrison, Founder, the Boom!

You are an ambitious leader. You live to create impact. And, in this increasingly uncertain world, never has there been a better time to make that real. BUT - sometimes, things hold you back. You are not sure what they are, but they are there. And they are not easy to shift. Because uncertainty, change, opportunity and impact are uncomfortable bedfellows. They shift, shuffle and push each other, jostling for space. The challenge is that space is your mind. Impact is key - and, most importantly, the mindset that gets you there is not the mindset that you are in a lot of the time. The Boom! Mindset and it's annoying sibling, the Bust Mindset will power you up through.

This session covers, the clarity of Unblock, Unlock, Unleash, as a mindset shifting leadership tool, the competitive edge of the Impact Pyramid, simple tools and tricks to shift your mindset from Bust thinking to Boom! action. Don't go Bust, go Boom!

Ben Renshaw

Leading with Purpose

Delivered by Ben Renshaw, Director

In this engaging talk, Ben explores the intricacies of leading with purpose, the session guides individuals to cultivate an intentional purpose-led mindset. It provides insights into the organisational concept of purpose and offers a structured framework for its realisation. Utilising a 3D Model, attendees learn to Discover, Develop, and Deliver purpose-driven leadership, equipping them with the mindset, skillset, and toolset essential for steering towards a future of impactful leadership.

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High Performing Teams

Delivered by Ben Renshaw, Director

In recognising and building high-performing teams," the journey to team success begins with establishing a shared purpose and aspirations, aligning values and goals to unite members toward a common objective. Optimal performance is achieved when individual strengths complement one another, fostering a culture of respect and appreciation. Effective teamwork hinges on a well-defined process, with clear roles, responsibilities, and communication channels, particularly crucial in a global marketplace. Ben emphasises setting clear success measures, agreed upon by stakeholders, to drive progress and ensure adaptability and resilience for sustainable success.

Ben explores how to build high performing teams focusing on Purpose, People, Process and Performance and how to apply practical steps every day for high performance.

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Allyson Stewart-Allen

Strengthen Your Leadership Brand

Delivered by Allyson Stewart-Allen, CEO, International Marketing Partners Ltd

Surprisingly, few marketing and other executives are aware that taking charge of how they’re perceived makes them more intentional, human and empathetic. In this Power Hour, Allyson divulges how to tell your leadership story, reveal your values and choose a proxy brand in order to change perceptions and engage others intentionally.  By beginning with the end in mind, a leader can recalibrate what they want others to think and feel when they’re not in the room, thus changing their reputations for the better.

The key take outs include the ability to build trust more effectively with internal and external stakeholders, a clearer articulation of the leadership brand, a compelling leadership story to engage individuals and teams across and outside the organisation, a more intentional plan for how to manage reputation in order to advance your career within and beyond the current organisation as well as the ability to build and sustain high performing teams.

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Mark Earls Insiders Programme

How to make better decisions when you - like the rest of us - are time-poor

Delivered by Mark Earls, HERDmeister

Time is money, they say. Since the dawning of the industrial age, we've used Clock Time as our guiding principle - in business and in our personal lives. Go faster, remove waste and optimise, optimise, optimise. From Henry Ford to Amazon warehouses. Everywhere Clocks give us the hurry-up: in our phones, watches, iPads, laptops, fridges, in every app we use, in every email and every message. And yet...the more we measure time, the less time we seem to have: the modern world is characterised by extreme time-poverty. Few of us in the marketing world ever get to the bottom of our to-do lists. And this is serious: persistent time-poverty is terrible for us in so many ways: it damages our mental and physical health and our relationships. But more importantly it reduces the quality of our decision making. So what to do? Productivity apps will help a bit but the real wins come from our species' unique ability to do mental time travel: to move back and forth with our imaginations; to see other worlds and other perspectives (e.g. through the wardrobe). In this 24/7, always on world, we need to rethink Time. This session covers three practical ways to think differently about time: how to think better about the future, how to unshackle yourself from the past and how to get everyone's times aligned.

How people choose (and how you can tell quickly)

How do we or people generally choose this kind of thing? Seems like a straight-forward question perhaps but all too often we get lost in the particulars of the customer journey: we struggle to see the woods for the trees. Asking "What kind of thing is it?" allows us to triage, just as ER professionals do. And triaging allows us to find and apply - Copy Copy Copy - solutions from unusual places, rapido style. Fast, furious, fun. This hour will help your team do so qualitatively and practice finding solutions. If you don't know what kind of behaviour or choice you're trying to change, how can you hope to be effective? You're shooting blind. If you don't know what kind of thing you're trying to influence, then you're unlikely to be successful in doing so.

This session will share what you need, a good map and some local knowledge about how to traverse understanding how people choose.


James Hayhurst Insider Programme

A recipe for creative & stronger, more enjoyable agency relationships

Delivered by James Hayhurst, Magic Sauce Founder

In today’s marketing environment building strong client/agency working relationships can be seen as a nice to have whilst busy teams focus on urgent delivery in a hybrid working world. Yet dig a little deeper, and reflections from senior marketeers and agency leaders tell a very different story as to the importance of such relationships. Their story is one of how the best communications developed by them in their own careers only came about because of a strong agency/client partnership. It was the magic relationship foundations of mutual trust, psychological safety and fun, creatively challenging environments which enabled their own great work to flourish.

At the Magic Sauce we believe the strength of the agency/client relationship is in fact the most important variable influencing marketing success. The relationship is the magic sauce for creativity and marketing effectiveness. Great relationships generate more: they are more efficient, effective, enjoyable and profitable.

This session covers how to create the optimal conditions for your agency to deliver its best work.



Allyson Stewart-Allen

Avoiding a Foreign Fail – how to expand across borders

Delivered by Allyson Stewart-Allen, CEO, International Marketing Partners Ltd

Expensive mistakes are all too frequent when taking services and/or products into new countries. Drawing on over 35 years’ work helping over 260 companies across 27 countries to get it right, I examine how companies of all sizes can avoid the traps of internationalisation. Whether changing the mindset of the Board, setting the right levels of investment or choosing the best strategy for international growth, as well as countless examples to draw on that are both educational and entertaining. Key topics include frameworks for understanding international markets and cultures, managing global and local marketing efforts, navigating brand localisation challenges, and assuming the role of a corporate diplomat through case studies. Moreover, the session emphasises the importance of informed decision-making through research and offers examples of product and service localisations alongside risk mitigation strategies.

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Phil Barden Insiders Programme

Any business challenge is a behaviour change challenge. Let's leverage science to impact behaviour.

Delivered by Phil Barden, Managing Director, DECODE marketing

Consumers don't read our strategy papers, the only strategy they see is our execution. How can we make sure that execution, across touchpoints, is motivating and 'brain-friendly'? We can do this by leveraging the key principles by which the brain responds to stimuli i.e. Attention (will people see it?), Intuition (will they 'get' it?) and Motivation (will they want it?). The brain operates to known, and universal, principles. If we harness these, our activities will become more effective and efficient.

In this session, we explore how behavioural science knows how people 'work'. Learn how to turn behavioural science insights into brand management best practices, from strategy to execution, Using real-world examples to bring these principles to life, we'll look at best practice and watch-outs.


Sam Reid Insider Programme

AI as an Efficient Partner, Not a Creative Threat

Delivered by Sam Reid, Co Founder & CEO, Loops

AI's potential to revolutionise marketing is clear, but it's a rapidly evolving landscape that will only continue to change at an accelerated pace.

As a marketing leader this presents critical challenges. How can you adapt and future-proof your strategies when AI is shifting so quickly? How do you discern which AI tools are worth investing in? How can you integrate these AI-powered tools into your workflows without causing disruption? You don't want to miss out on the efficiencies AI provides, but you need to ensure a smooth transition. Most importantly, how do you leverage AI while retaining the human creative spark that sets your marketing apart? You don't want to mass-produce generic content lacking originality and impact.

This session addresses these challenges. You'll be introduced to robust, user-friendly AI tools that deliver marketing tasks 10 times faster and at 10 times the scale. From research to writing, you'll learn to harness AI to accomplish in minutes what used to take weeks.


Leo Rayman Insiders Programme The Marketing Society

Shaping the Future: How Marketers can Lead the Transition to a Post-Carbon World 

Delivered by Leo Rayman, CEO & Founder, EdenLab

The transition to the post-carbon world is happening all around us but not everyone sees it yet. It’s the biggest economic opportunity of our lifetimes as every aspect of how we live is being transformed. Shifting to green, clean, decarbonised growth will define all our careers for the next 20 years. Any business leader worth their salt needs to feel familiar and confident with this topic. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to reset and rethink the role of Marketers in the great transition to a post-carbon world.  Sustainability is no longer a ‘fig leaf’, it is a chance to reimagine what your business is and what it offers to people, to nature and to society. 

Marketers and communicators have an amazing skill: The ability to shape aspirations and behaviour and therefore to reshape them too, enabling better buying decisions.

In just 60 minutes, you’ll gain

  • Insight into cutting-edge examples of people and brands reshaping demand
  • Top tips and strategies for upgrading your own cleaner, greener marketing
  • Confidence to ramp-up your own efforts, safe in the knowledge that sustainability and commerce can come together

Watch the video below for more insight on this session:


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