The highly anticipated Marketing Leadership Masterclass, is led by renowned experts Thomas Barta & The Marketing Society President Syl Saller. The exclusive 12-week program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become the influential marketer you've always aspired to be.

What is it?

Masterclass is the complete toolkit to help you build your influence and boost your career. From the world’s largest ever studies on marketers’ success.
What sets this masterclass apart is its unique approach, combining both the art and science of marketing leadership. Learn the art and science of marketing leadership. Lead upwards, sideways, teams, yourself. Join a real discussion with a global group of peers. Debate, solve challenges - with peers from all four continents.

Take the class "your way". This class is built for busy people. Lessons are bitesize, on-demand - you won’t fall behind. Plus, learn from top-ranking leaders during fireside chats. 

Who is the Masterclass for?

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass welcomes professionals of all skill levels who are eager to enhance their impact and achieve greater career success. Whether you're an experienced leader looking to shape top agendas or an emerging talent seeking to learn from the best influencers in the industry, this masterclass is tailored for you. Even agency executives have found immense value in gaining the skills needed to influence those who matter.

What you'll get

Unlike many other classes, our focus is on fostering intense peer discussion, debate, coaching, and problem-solving.

Learn to lead upwards! Master what other classes won’t teach you. In just 12 bitesize modules, learn how to win over stakeholders, mobilise colleagues & clients, lead empowered teams. It’s the complete marketing leadership class by world-leading experts Thomas Barta & Syl Saller.

Study with peers. Come together 24/7 with fellow students from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific. On our unique discussion platform, solve challenges, help others. Be part of a real-time peer group. In this class, you are never alone!

10 minutes daily, 12 weeks. We’ve built this 12-week sprint from the ground up for busy people. All lectures are short and on demand. Learn at your own pace. In this class, you can’t fall behind. Earn your Certificate in Marketing Leadership! We understand that your schedule is busy, and we've designed the masterclass to be flexible to accommodate your needs. To fully experience the depth of the program, we recommend dedicating 3-4 hours per week. However, even with just 30 minutes a week, you'll be able to attend all lessons and actively participate in peer discussions.


Online. Our masterclass has participants from around the world, and all modules are available on-demand, 24/7. For live sessions, we strive to match all time zones, but if you can't join, you'll always have access to the recordings.

The price

As a member of The Marketing Society, you can join the masterclass at a discounted rate of €1495. This is an opportunity not to be missed, as the knowledge and insights gained from the program could be transformational for your career.

You'll work on real-life issues based on rigorous research and proven leadership strategies. Embracing this class fully has the potential to be truly transformative for your career.

How to book

Click the link below to book and receive the discounted rate.