Allyson Stewart-Allen

Chief Executive, International Marketing Partners

Allyson Stewart-Allen is a renowned advisor, author, speaker, broadcaster and Non-Executive Director focused on helping leaders and their companies to successfully internationalise. You’ve probably seen or heard her on Sky News, BBC News, France 24, DW News, CNBC, LBC or watched one of her 5 seasons of The Apprentice – or maybe attended one of the many leadership courses she runs for Oxford University’s Said Business School.

Originally from Los Angeles and based in London for over 30 years, Allyson applies her extensive international consulting experience, MBA education with Dr. Peter Drucker and French and German languages to the company she founded, International Marketing Partners.

Having advised over 260 organisations across 27 countries, Allyson helps leaders successfully and profitably span international and functional boundaries. She is the creator of the LinkedIn learning course Leading International Growth, as well as author of both editions of the best-selling book Working with Americans.

She is a regular TV, radio and print contributor for Al Jazeera, BBC, Financial Times, France 24, and The Wall Street Journal and is a member of the Advisory Board of the British Business Excellence Awards and recently served as a Non-Executive Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Follow her on Twitter @MuseofMarketing or visit

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