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Be the Architects of Change

Chair Darren Chuckry shares his 2021 Conference highlights

On a November afternoon in Wan Chai, some of Hong Kong's most senior marketing leaders gathered for fierce debate, fascinating conversations and inspirational insights at The Marketing Society's Hong Kong Changemakers Unite Conference.

Our Chair, Founder and Managing Partner of HK Initiative, Darren Chuckry, shares his highlights.

  1. Even the best armies will lose on the wrong battlefield. You need to pick your right battle to effectively be at the top of your game and able to win.
  2. Are we moving too fast….maybe! However, we all have to continually keep learning. There's never been a faster time for company-wide transformation, but we still are not putting customers at the core. We need to change in ways that will be accepted and awarded by the customers.
  3. Marketers should be the architects of change, not the promoters of change.
  4. In order to keep up with massive change, you must design a platform for constant change. The idea that a marketing solution will remain effective forever is no longer plausible. Instead, marketers should solve problems in a way that can be solved and resolved, that can get smarter, more beautiful, and more intelligent over time.
  5. Create a story you want to tell, then you can talk about it all you want.
  6. To be successful, do what you want to do and find a way to enjoy it. If you can’t be positive about it then you will surround yourself with negative energy. When you see things in a more negative way, you're less likely to seek out, or even recognize, opportunities that come your way. To transform your self-talk and your mood from negative to positive, it's important to surround yourself with positive energy, feelings, and people. 


Discover more attendees' top takeaways from the Conference, and view pictures from the day on Facebook 



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