Review by Shal Oswal, International Beverage Holdings Ltd.

This was one of the most interesting, honest and inspiring talks hosted by The Marketing Society that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The room was full of keen and bright marketers faced with similar challenges that Nicola Thomson faced within her marketing career. We were all huddled together eagerly listening in the shiny new but windy offices at Edrington and we were not disappointed. 

Nicola, delivered a raw and very honest recap of key learnings that she collected over the years from her work and personal experiences. She described her experiences from different phases throughout her life and didn’t just focus on campaigns and the results she delivered but focused on the key learnings that could help us throughout our own individual marketing careers.

Nicola talked about having a wise council, surrounding herself with a strong network of people that she could rely on and trust who would support her through challenges that she faced.  A great idea and The Marketing Society certainly offer a mentorship programme for all members. She also talked about the importance of cancelling out the noise especially throughout company politics and to keep focused on the objectives which will help build resilience – we have all been there and it was interesting to hear her perspective on how to tackle this. Another discussion point was about being prepared and taking ownership when things go wrong. All great advice and food for thought.

Thanks again to Nicola and The Marketing Society for an inspiring afternoon that certainly challenged our thinking. I overheard someone saying ‘I want to be her’ I’m sure Nicola will think of this as a compliment but I’m confident she would encourage us to own our own story and focus on ourselves.

I’m looking forward to what’s next with The Marketing Society.​​​​​

As mentioned at the session, the upcoming Student Marketing Society Gathering is taking place on the 4 March. If you are interested in coming along to offer advice to the students please do get in touch with Caroline Hill (The Marketing Society); [email protected]

We would also like to encourage all of our Future Leaders to get involved with the Young Mentor programme. To sign up to become a young mentor please email: [email protected]