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Accelerate: Learning Lab with Verbal Identity

How great brand language wins customers, deepens loyalty and helps you own your sector.

Virtual, 1 February, 9am to 10am

Your brand is different, your brand voice should be too. Here's how to create a tone of voice that people listen to.

You've defined your brand values. You've sweated your visual identity. But what about your brand voice? Could it be stronger? And could all your agencies write in one voice?

Join Chris West, global brand language consultant and best-selling author of 'Strong Language', to learn the simple "3 levels" framework used by Alphabet, GM, BASF and many national brands and start-ups to power their brand voices. 

What to expect from the session?

This fun, fast-paced, spit-your-toast-out-with-surprise, interaction session lasts 60 minutes, where you'll hear how to boost your brand and team's performances just with language. Chris West is the co-Founder of Verbal Identity and author of STRONG LANGUAGE: THE FASTEST SMARTEST CHEAPEST MARKETING TOOL YOU'RE NOT USING, which hit #1 on Amazon 36 hours after launch.

Over the last 10 years, Chris' firm has developed a simple, proven framework which completely aligns your brand voice with your brand values and makes sure that what your business says, gets listened to.
This isn't about a nice set of adjectives, this is deep linguistics and commercial nous, with a healthy dose of creative catalysts, all in a practical system that saves creative teams hundreds of hours each year, boosts content output by 10x and starts saving money on media spend, as you brand voice gets heard.

If there's time, this session will also take a look at best-in-world brand voices, and how brand language has been changing in the last 18 months.

More about Chris West

Chris West is a best-selling author, a contributor to national newspapers, and he wrote the winning film at the Barcelona Film Festival. 
But those are just the side hustles.

During daylight hours, Chris is CEO of Verbal Identity, the world's most successful verbal brand consultancy, working with leaders of the world's biggest automotive manufacturer, the world's second biggest brewer, Silicon Valley's most ambitious 'moonshot factory', the UK's most famous luxury brands, and many start-ups in data science, fintech and beauty. 

More about Verbal Identity

The world's leading brand strategy agency specialising in the magic and mechanics of brand language. They use a unique framework, proven over ten years, to help team leaders, brand directors and founders create a voice that's as distinctive and valuable as their visual identity. It's a voice that will win clients, deepen loyalty and deposition rivals - just with words!

Their clients include some of the world's biggest businesses, including Alphabet and LVMH, national brands such as Vauxhall and Mulberry, as well as start-ups from beauty, data science and fintech.

Timings: 9am - 10am BST I 12pm - 1pm UAE I 5pm - 6pm HKT/SGT

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Chris West

CEO, Verbal Identity