Digital Day

The Digital Day - London

Farmers and Fletchers, 28 June, 9am to 4pm


Designed BY and FOR leaders like you. Sit forward. Plug in. Re-energise! 

After years of lockdowns and limitations, of working from home and away from colleagues and peers, it's time for something different. 

You've told us what you need; new knowledge, new contacts and new ideas to help you and your company succeed.

You want to be inspired, to share and connect with digital thought leaders, innovators and changemakers. 

Get ready for a game-changing day. View the programme.

Join us on Tuesday 28 June in the heart of the city for The Digital Day London.

We'll get behind the shiny new toys, myth bust the memes and explore how brands and agencies have connected the dots to connect to customers. 

In an intimate, high-quality and action-packed six hours, we'll explore:

  • Brands and agencies that have cut through the noise, won attention and driven loyalty by doing good
  • How digital can help to win and keep talent in the hybrid world
  • The ups, downs and intricacies of data when the cookie jar is empty 

…and we’ll answer the question we’re all struggling with: "How do marketers build trust in the Age of Unreal?"

Bring your notebook, bring your teams. Prepare yourself for a sumptuous smorgasbord of short stories, intimate conversations and creative collaboration.

The day is a much-needed chance to connect, collaborate and discover what YOU need to know to start a marketing revolution.

Show your business and the world why great marketing matters.

Skip the FOMO; be part of the experience

We want The Digital Day to be special; different from a big, impersonal event so that participants can truly connect. Spaces will be limited, so grab yours whilst you can.

Member: £299 + VAT
Non-member: £400 + VAT
Member and Guest: £550 + VAT (save £149)

We are sold out. If you would like to be added to the wait list please email [email protected]


Giles Rhys Jones

CMO, What3words

Pete Markey

Chief Marketing Officer, Boots

James Delaney

Chairman, Block by Block Foundation

Sophie Raptis

Client Director, The Ozone Project

Aimee Bryan

Head of Play Propositions, The LEGO Group

Katz Kiely

Founder and CEO, BEEP

Michael Omoniyi

Social Entrepreneur, Leader, Speaker, Academic, Commentator, Artist, Activist And Polymath

Dr Tharaka Gunarathne MBChB

High Performance Expert & Psychiatrist

Johnny Winn

Head of Advertising, O2, Virgin Mobile & Virgin Media O2

Alex Dalman

Head of Social and Innovation, VCCP

Laura Jordan Bambach

President & CCO UK, Grey

Damian Ferrar

SVP Innovation Director & Global Head of Jack X

Javier Sancho Rodriguez

Project Manager, Media.Monks

Kellie Espina

Head of UK Creative Strategy

Lisa Goodchild

chief trouble maker

Chris Wildish

European Director of Content and Digital



As marketers, we know stories are more impactful than stats and pitches. Digital Day will present a tapestry of warts-and-all stories of what has worked and what hasn’t so we can all learn together.

Each story will be short and perfectly formed. Storytellers won’t just pitch their outcome but explain the perilous nail-biting journey they took to get there.

9.30am - Welcome

9.40am - Interactive session

9.55am - Voice from the Future 
Dystopian and Utopian Vision of Digital Marketing in 2032 
Michael Omoniyi Founder & CEO, The Common Sense Network

10.10am - When Change Agents Collide 
Two digital change agents from different companies talk about how they made the amazing happen over COVID - by finding unexpected ways to leverage their brands power and market influence to make the unthinkable happen.
Johnny Winn, Head of Advertising, Virgin Media O2 and Alex Dalman, Head of Social and Innovation, VCCP 

10.25am - Starters for 10 – 3 topics speakers below, 10 minutes each all on stage together.
Then into rooms as below.

10.55am - Focus on the Edge
How many people would choose to call themselves “ordinary”, “standard” or “average”.  In her provocative presentation, Aimee will explore the power of putting for the extraordinary, the special at the epicentre of every digital design process to get much, much better results. 
Aimee Bryan, Head of Play Propositions, Creative Play Lab Lego 

10.55am - The Future of Work Meta 
As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We have left the office. The world will ever go back to the old normal. We will present the challenges and opportunities. What have brands learned about how to better engage, energise and excite their teams. Wherever they are.
Damien Ferrier, SVP Innovation Director & Global Head, Jack Morton 

10.55am - Creating the trusted, premium web 
With great power comes great responsibility - and with a stronger-than-ever digital advertising economy, Sophie will explain why it's time for brands to work closer with publishers and quality content creators to put consumers at the centre of their thinking. From eroded trust to lack of transparency, from audience addressability to brand safety, she will emphasise the need for collaboration between the primary stakeholders of the consumer relationship to create a quality digital media ecosystem that delivers for all.
Sophie Raptis, Client Director, The Ozone Project

11.15am – 11.45am - Coffee

11.45am - Employee Voice – Blurring the walls
The future of work is hybrid. This much is sure. But being apart is tough. Disengagement and the great resignation impacts us all. Leaders everywhere are struggling to build a sense of community and presence. But is the answer to move onto one of the many, many “Metaverse” platforms? What might happen to dysfunctional corporate culture in the distributed avatar office? How might D&I be affected? In this provocative presentation, Damien will lead us through the reality of what’s possible now - and paint some potential futures.

11.45am - From Adman to Mapman
In a fascinating and inspiring presentation, Giles will explain why he jumped ship from a super successful career in Adland to join a tiny social enterprise. He’ll talk about how he harness his digital storytelling experience and strategic expertise to take what3words from a quirky idea to a globally recognised brand used by organisations,, individuals and governments cross the world 
Giles Rhys Jones, CMO, What3word 

11.45am Look No Cookies
Pete will explain how they are using data and new ways of working to build REAL customer loyalty and share secrets about the inner workings of its Customer Journey Orchestration Team. He will share learnings about the good, the bad and the ugly of the move to agile - and how Boots have evolved the doctrinel to make it truly flexible in a mostly non agile environment. 
Pete Markey, CMO, Boots 

12.10pm - A Brand Agency Love Affair 
The trials and tribulations of an unusual and always on digital relationship between a brand and its agency. Courage and collaboration.
Laura Jordan Bambach, President & CCO UK, Grey London and Chris Wildish, European Director - Content and Digital, Kellogg's & Pringles
A conversation with each 10 mins on stage (20 mins total).

12.30pm - A Conversation individually with the Brand and Agency - 10 mins

12.45pm - Intraprenear 
A digital leader who has punched beyond their weight at work in an unchangeable corporation - who has harnessed innovation in unexpected ways, revitalized dormant or unexpected opportunities with their unstoppable influence and energy - and seen the benefits inside and out
Dr Tharaka Gunarathne MBChB

12.45pm - Digital Comms - A Catalyst for Positive Change
When Agencies break the mould and grasp the gauntlet world-changing things can happen.
Javier Sancho Project Manager, Media Monks
James Delaney, Chairman, Block by Block Foundation
12.45pm - The Soft Power of Small Data 
It's easy to get swept up in memes. Everyone is talking about Big Data. But aggregating messy data into a central data repository does not automatically allow marketers to understand what customers do, want or need - or provide insights into business problems. Ghida will explain how, with attention to detail and a never-ending fascination with discovery, small data insights are a far smarter place to start. 10-minute presentation and 20-minute Q&A

1pm - 2pm - Lunch 

2.05pm - Random facts hosted by Sophie Devonshire

2.10pm - Keynote and interactive session
Kellie Espina, Head of UK, Creative Strategy, Snapchat

2.25pm - Quick Fire Pitches – 6-minute stories from 3 members
Lisa Goodchild, Founder, Digiwoo
Veronica Dumitrescu, Head of DX Strategic Campaign Marketing, EMEA Adobe

2.45pm - Firepits with each of the pitchers

3pm - Dens – Interactive session around design

3.20pm - Coffee

3.45pm - Den feedback hosted by Katz

4.20pm - Rapporteur of the day x 3 
David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Nash Squared    
Mordecai, Founde, Day After
Supriya Dev-Purkaystha, Founder, Connect Growth

4.35pm - Wrap by Sophie