The Monthly Society Circle: Leading Marketing into the Future

17 June, 4pm to 5pm

Join us on Thursday 17 June at 4pm, Singapore, as we bring members together to look at leading marketing into the future.

With traditional marketing touch points being redefined, knowing your customer can be more challenging than ever; with a more constrained reality sending the physical customer experience backward whilst the digital experience accelerates into the future. How do we balance these to meet the new consumer expectations around personalised experiences?

Moderated by The Marketing Society Singapore Board Member Dominique Touchaud, this roundtable brings together marketing leaders for a discussion on how they and their teams are creating customer experiences that are personal - not just personalised; and how they are building the ability to offer a personal, seamless experience that has never been more critical to success.



Dominique Touchaud

Founder of Shokunin Marketing, Shokunin Marketing