Giles Lury

Giles Lury is a leading branding consultant and an executive at The Value Engineers. He is the author of How Coca-Cola Took Over the World and The Prisoner and the Penguin.

Returning for a session with our Singapore members, The Value Engineers' Giles Lury and Katy Mousinho discuss insight from their

Greener Marketing is a thought-provoking book, challenging current views and in many ways trying to start a revolution.

Sunday 8 March 2021 was International Women’s Day–a chance for women across the world to share their stories, and to

With the start of the new year and the approaching launch of our new book “Wonder Women: Inspiring Stories &
Daniel Priestley’s strategic recommendation for creating an over-subscribed business comes in a number of stages, one of which is “You
For me, a good business book should interest, engage and inform. It should tell me things I didn’t know and