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3 tips: building a world-class team

Ben Wiseman, Co-Founder of Zigzag

This month we hear from Ben Wiseman, Co-Founder of Zigzag on his top tips for building a world class marketing team. 

At Zigzag we speak to marketing and talent leaders across many sectors. Here’s what we’re noticing the most forward-thinking companies doing:

1. Hire for curiosity

Marketing continues to evolve quickly, and the blending of art and science will always be paramount. Technical skills are in hot demand right now, but hiring only for today’s technical skill gap is only half the story. How are you assessing the kind of curiosity that is required to collaborate and innovate across marketing disciplines to create impactful marketing that moves consumers and creates results?

2. Hire for diversity of perspective

Diversity is not just the right move for social equity. It is also a commercial imperative to have a team that is able to think divergently. It drives greater creativity and more openness to diverse customer cultures. Think about diversity of character traits, as well as gender, ethnicity, age and economic background. And use all the tools at your disposal such as psychometrics and blinded applications to encourage and prioritise talent that will broaden the conversation

3. Hire for customer obsession 

We have two ears and one mouth and should use them in proportion”. Marketers may be the mouthpiece of a business but we are only effective if highly attuned to customers. How do you assess for customer obsession? Think about which skills, experiences or attitudes you might need to bring on board to elevate customer centricity in the team.  

Today’s marketing leader must not just look at the outcomes that need to be delivered but the inputs of curiosity, divergent perspectives and a passion for customers, if they want to foster a team which delivers creativity and results.

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