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Member Interview with Cristina Guida La Licata

We are delighted to bring you a Member Interview with Cristina Guida La Licata, Marketing Communications Professional & Motivational Speaker.


What’s your golden rule?

Be your own best friend, treating yourself with kindness, understanding, and compassion, just like you would with a close friend. It is important to be supportive of yourself, acknowledging your strengths, and being forgiving of your flaws. 


Who has been your biggest influence?

My father. Without him, I wouldn't be the person I am now. Even though we faced difficulties and had arguments, he always stood by me, helping me become who I am today.


What is your most hated business expression?

“We need to generate leads, leads, leads.” OK, of course. But let’s not forget we are talking about PEOPLE. How important is the connection with PEOPLE. Fundamental, in everything we do.


What’s the smartest business idea you’ve ever had?

Listening is important for two reasons: first, it helps you understand your own thoughts and feelings, promoting personal growth. Second, listening to others builds empathy, strengthens relationships, and helps in working together better. It's like a key to understanding different views and making good decisions as a team. This is crucial to lead to great business ideas.


What’s your favourite word?

I would say, my “favourite expression”: everything happens for a reason, nothing is by chance. it's my personal life compass. Through life's trials, amidst the challenges and the pain, I hold firm to this belief. It's in those moments that I strive to uncover the hidden gems: the lessons, the growth, the unexpected positivity. Life's journey isn't always smooth, but it's in those rough patches where resilience is forged, and wisdom is gained. I choose to see the beauty in the chaos, the growth in the discomfort, and the silver linings in every cloud. It's not about denying the challenges but embracing them as opportunities for transformation. This belief isn't just a mantra—it's the cornerstone of my optimism and unwavering resilience.


Which leader do you admire most and why?

A good leader is someone who inspires and supports their team, acknowledges their efforts, and is willing to learn from them. They lead with enthusiasm, understanding, and humility. Instead of blaming others, they join hands with the team, guiding and supporting them through challenges without holding grudges.


What’s keep up at night as a marketing leader?

As a marketing leader, what keeps me up at night is the dynamic nature of the industry. I constantly strive to stay ahead, ensuring our strategies are effective, messages resonate, and we keep up with the latest trends. Navigating the ever-changing digital landscape is a concern. However, amidst the challenges, I make it a point not to forget the importance of working with passion and following my heart and intuition. These values guide my decisions, contributing to a more fulfilling and authentic approach to leadership in the fast-paced world of marketing.


Why is being part of TMS important for your career?

A great platform for connecting with like minded people, a way of learning and keeping ourselves up to date.



Published on 12 February 2024


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