Jim Carroll


Jim Carroll is a long serving strategist. Until 2015 he was UK Chairman at the communications agency BBH

He is now exploring a project-based existence.

Jim writes a blog once a week. For alerts on new posts please subscribe to the newsletter on the Contact page of his blog and follow him on Twitter.

Are you doing enough to ensure that the quiet achiever in the office can still be heard?

‘The fact of the matter is I’m interested in a truth. I cannot put a filter on life. It’s about
‘You’re not even born yet. What do you think happened to all the other things? The razor blade that never
Well, yes, since you were asking, I can sing. I have a sweet voice, but it has a narrow range
'A Face in the Crowd' is a 1957 satirical drama that considers the power of modern media to create celebrities
I recently visited a display at The Museum of London commemorating the 40th anniversary of The Clash’s third album, ‘London