Rich Miles

CEO, The Diversity Standards Collective

Rich Miles is a former Creative Director, now CEO + Founder of The Diversity Standards Collective, an agency that consults, creates and checks for authenticity in all content that features or targets diverse communities. The DSC strives to help any agency, brand or publisher create work that never offends or misrepresents, something we see all too often in the advertising and marketing industry today. Rich also created the first gender pronoun converter app, a tool that helps any business communicate properly with non-binary staff and clients.

Even if you have done everything right up until then, the sudden influx of new people and extended teams can
Many agencies are saying they are diverse, or proposing diversity and inclusion in the pitch, then turning their back on
We explore how to not alienate minority communities by ensuring we actually base our thinking on lived experiences, and not
Advertising will never be properly representative of the communities it is trying to reach until every single element of the