The 'Importance of Trust in Media' with Jamie Angus

Jamie Angus, trust in media

News media is currently going through a huge transformation and trust in them is wavering. As people gravitate towards digital content and with false stories often presented as the truth, how can we distinguish between fact and fiction?

On Thursday 20 April we hosted a breakfast with our partners BBC around the importance of trust in media. Jamie Angus, Editorial Director, BBC World News was interviewed by our Vice Chair, Andrew Au, Managing Director SEA, Imagination and Alistair McEwan, Senior Vice President, Commercial Development, Asia & ANZ, BBC Worldwide.

We collated a few of our favourite points from the session:

  • News needs to be flexible and innovative in presenting content
  • Fake news will remain a feature in our lives but with regulations it can be managed
  • Current disruptions and placing more pressure on marketing, it's vital to protect and maintain the brand trust
  • Accelerated growth and interest in custom content is driven by the marketing industry, we must tell stories in more effective ways

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