10 things in our Clubhouse: Aug 18

10 things: August 2018
  • Inspired Us - we ask Canopy Insight what's inspired them this month? Their answer: noodles and sharp objects
  • 'Generals win wars, but Sergeants win battles.' BBH's Richard Madden argues the case for the middle-ranking manager.
  • Rebranding death. Cultural analyst and semiotician Becks Collins on how the redesign of end of life services are changing our perception of mortality.
  • Watch Me Think's CEO Alistair Vince is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore.
  • Giles Lury talks brand consistency - a heretic's perspective, in his latest piece.
  • #Newgirl - Virgin's Stephanie Matthews shares what she's learned in the early days of a new job
  • What are agencies for? David Wethey on the significance of the pitch process
  • Inspired Us - Dragon Rouge's David Partington lists his picks, from IKEA and LEGO to Elon Musk
  • Jim Carroll talks empathy and Aretha Franklin - the queen of his soul
  • Havas' Tracey Barber says remember to thank your team