Learning from the very best

Learning from the best

As bold marketers, we’re always looking for the next big thing. And it takes more than just looking for the next trend. It takes time, research, inspiration and effort to find the right solution in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape. 

Best of the Best showcase event was a great source of inspiration. I Am Team GB, #JoinTheHeard and Look on the Light Side (Maltesers) – all campaigns exceeded expectations with record-breaking reach and engagement levels.

What have they done to win consumers’ hearts? What I constantly heard during the talk was:

  • Cooperation between brands with similar views
  • Actively planning for fame
  • Being ridiculously bold
  • People responding to passion and wanting to join the movement.

However, one element all the above campaigns have had in common was the ambition to solve different social problems and to truly change the world. Whether they are aiming to inspire communities to be more active, or to protect elephants & rhinos by stopping the trade in ivory & rhino horns, or focusing on the theme of diversity and inclusion, to me it’s clear: brands are increasingly using social purpose to guide marketing communications and tapping into what matters to their consumers. Which means they are committed to doing good.

And consumers love every minute of it. Helping consumers improve their lives can have a positive impact on the business commercial goals too. Consumers will have a strong reason to believe in brands and belief is enormously powerful in creating loyalty and advocacy.

And you…what is your next campaign’s social purpose?

By Anca Lazar, Dairy Crest

Marketing Society Excellence Awards

Our Best of the Best event launched our 2018 Excellence Awards, which are now open - see the categories and how to enter here. Watch the video below, for tips on creating an award-winning entry.