Note from the CEO: May 2018

Note from the CEO: May 2018

Dear members,

I hope you had a lovely long bank holiday weekend. Since I last wrote to you I’ve been a little busy visiting our hubs all over the world. We’ve been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, India and New York and I’m looking forward to joining our Digital Day in Scotland in just over a week.

It’s been a time of real listening and learning and I am proud to lead the brave agenda and see that conversation take off on a global scale.
It’s great to have been part of some truly inspiring events, from addressing the topic of mental health at work for the first time in Dubai, to the importance of empathy in a digital world in Singapore, to challenging gender stereotypes in India, and no-holds barred conversations in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Visiting everyone over the last few months has also been about taking stock.

We’ve grown at such scale and pace since launching our first hub in Hong Kong in 2014, that now’s the time for us to catch up with ourselves.

This means we won’t be opening another hub for a while. But importantly, it means we’ll be focusing on making our hubs the best they can be and looking at everything through our brave lens.

Those of you who have spoken to us will already know that our global journey has been both exhilarating and challenging. We’ve done so many brilliant things, but we haven’t got it all right.

However, we know we’ve started something special. And now we’re going to throw everything we’ve got - all our energy, thought, time and resources into making your global community work for you.

The opportunity to unlock the power of our global passport is massive. The learning, the people, the ideas, the inspiration, the energy, the goodwill, the marketing best practice – there is so much great stuff coming out of each and every one of our hubs that all our members would benefit from. If you’re on a business trip to New York or India, you will always be welcome at our events, and the same goes for any of our hubs. And we’ll get better at signposting these global benefits.

We’re also thinking hard about the role of our content to provide thought leadership and inspiration across the global network. We’ll be running some research with you to make sure we get it right. Please let us know what you’d find most valuable. And we don’t need to tell you about GDPR - look out for an email from us coming soon.

So back to being brave and something we all have in common. Every time we run a Marketing Society event we’re talking about what matters to us, not just as marketers, but as humans. And as an industry we’re not just talking but making change together.

We hope to see you soon and as always feel free to get in touch, it’s your society.

Very best

Gemma Greaves
Chief Executive