Do you listen to research or your intuition?

Do you listen to research or your intuition?

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By Charlie Dawson

Successful customer-led organisations tend to be confident. They’re happy to lead the market because they understand what their customers value and they keep on finding new and better ways to create it.

It’s all very easy with hindsight. But when you’re looking forwards, how do you know what’s going to make the difference?

In the end customers vote – you or an alternative. But they can’t tell you what the answer is. And all you can do is look backwards. What do they say, what do they do, how do they feel, how does psychology suggest they’re going to respond?

Given its importance we’ve come up with myriad ways to understand what people really want, to guide the development of better answers, to predict how they’re going to land. So what works best? Or does nothing beat talent and gut feel?

This matters.

So we assembled three Premier Division insight-meisters ready to share their years of experience. See the report below.

Charlie Dawson is partner at The Foundation.

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 15 Nov 2015
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