The Power of Priming 2016

The Power of Priming 2016

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By Crawford Hollingworth and Liz Barker, The Behavourial Architects. Foreword by Society chairman and CEO of MBA, Stephen Maher.

The Marketing Society has now published around 80 articles from The Behavioural Architects, the global insights and research consultancy.

These articles have enabled our members to delve into the concepts that have emerged from the behavioural sciences and in particular Behavioural Economics.

The Behavioural Architects have built bridges with the academic world and armed marketers with new tools and frameworks from which to both understand and change behaviour.

This book contains The Behavioural Architects’ compelling three-part series on the power of subconscious Priming.

These articles not only bring us the latest understanding of this fascinating area but also, by breaking Priming down into different types, they inspire and help us navigate the application of Priming in both strategy and execution.

Above all they remind us how we, as humans, are all susceptible to Priming and how seemingly tiny things can have such significant impact on human behaviour.

Download the full booklet below and browse more from The Behavourial Architects here.

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 17 Apr 2016
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