2015 winner: Three, Building Customer Relationships - Case Study

2015 winner: Three, Relationships

By 2014, Three had grown to over 9m customers to claim 12% share of the mobile phone market and had ambitious plans for growth. They were ‘the network that was built for the internet’, and previously their focus on data deals and low prices had pulled in customers.

Unfortunately, they were relatively low margin. Loyalty customers who were quick to leave for new price deals when their contracts were up and as a result, Three’s annual churn rate was 19% - the worst in the category.

Three decided to target a new audience underpinned by a new brand­led strategy: Reinvent the rules. Make mobile better.

Research revealed that customers felt ripped off by networks and a common pain point was expensive roaming charges while travelling abroad. Three created Feel At Home - allowing customers to use their phone abroad at no extra cost - and created a campaign to raise awareness.

The result of Feel At Home was an overload of ‘holiday spam’ from Three’s happy customers – cliché images of sunsets, plane wings and cocktails that we’ve all shared to brag about being on holiday to our friends. So they ‘apologised’ to the nation on their customers’ behalf.

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