Being open: a new year's resolution

New Year's: being open

A key tenet of the culture at Grey is being open.

Being open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, new opinions.

It’s not just listening to some new podcasts and finally taking up pilates.

Being truly open is having to admit, that despite all your years of experience, there may be a different or better way of doing things.

That you in fact, may be wrong.

The hard part of being open is relegating your ego to the side-lines.

As a leader, surely you know all the answers? Isn’t it your job to have them?

If you’re the most senior person in the room, it can often feel this way.

Even the most experienced, most talented people don’t have all the answers.

The smart ones know who might.

Being open doesn’t mean endlessly deferring, or letting someone else make your decisions.

It’s about using the collective intelligence of the room.

Taking on all views.

Then making an informed decision.

Being open to challenge isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength.

Because it’s harder to be open – to feel exposed –  than it is to be closed.

So if you want to get to better answers for your most difficult challenges this year – be open. 

The next time you have a tricky challenge, forget the job titles and get a few smart people into a room.

Then chuck in a few smart people that haven’t been around for more than two minutes. Ask them what they think first.

You’ll be amazed by the effect it will have on your business, your team - and on you.


This piece was written by Bhavin Pabari, strategy director at Grey London