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TV advertising’s ultimate nickable charts

Thinkbox doesn’t usually endorse theft, but we make an exception for one thing: everything we know about how to get the best out of TV advertising.
So please feel free to be as light-fingered as you like with ‘TV advertising’s ultimate nickable charts’. Pilfer, purloin, and plagiarise this work of charts. It’s a deck that brings together everything a modern marketer needs to know about today’s TV advertising. 
TV is the beating heart of effective advertising campaigns; it’s unique, scaled qualities are a friend to other media, boosting their performance and making campaigns greater than the sum of their parts.
Whether you’re working on a pitch, looking for facts to share with colleagues, want to know what TV can now do, need evidence to persuade the CFO, or just want a really strange, emailable present for a loved one, this deck has you written all over it.
It’s packed with insight and evidence, from the facts about our transforming TV viewing and the growth of BVOD, to the latest on how and why TV advertising works – it’s signaling strengths, high levels of trust, unmatched attention, low risk, unbeatable value…
It covers lots of ground but with a single purpose: to give you the essential proof of why TV advertising is so transformative to businesses of all shapes and sizes.
If you have any questions about this deck – or would like to steal more insight into TV – please contact us via [email protected]

View the full deck here

By Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK. 

Published 12 December 2023


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