Tom Ewing

Head of Marketing and Market Intelligence, System1 Group

I’m System1's Head of Marketing, in charge of building our brand and practicing what we preach. I write a lot of our content, edit the site you're looking at, and run our The1 newsletter. I’m also a regular conference presenter, talking on a wide range of topics –storytelling, politics, nerd culture, social media and more – through a System 1 lens. I’ve been at System1 for 7 years, mostly in the Labs innovation team. I’ve also worked as a pop critic for The Guardian and Pitchfork. I love the flexibility and freedom the System1 Group gives me to do such a variety of interesting work.

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There are two kinds of politicians in Britain today. The ones people don’t like. And the ones people don’t know.

The unthinkable has happened: Donald Trump will be the next US President.

Back in January, America’s political pundits were close to united, and had been for some time.

Study the current US election for a week or two and you’ll notice one word turn up again and again...