Accelerate: Managing Stress

Session 1 (17 June), session 2 (18 June)

Streaming live from London, 17 June, 10am to 12:15pm

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These two sessions, which are delivered via Zoom on consecutive days, are rooted in the science of how the body and brain react to pressure and stress and offer a practical (and non-touchy-feely) guide to maintaining and building your resilience. People go away with many insights, tools and tips.  

It’s a relevant subject for anyone working in a fast-moving business environment, but the need for support in this area has increased given how COVID and working from home is affecting productivity, focus and resilience.  The sessions are fast-paced and highly interactive, via a combination of breakouts, polls and quizzes.   

Session 1 (2 hours) | 17 June, 10am - 12.15pm GMT

(2 - 4pm GST, 3.30 - 5.30pm IST, 6 - 8pm HKT/SGT)

How the body and brain respond to pressure and the effect of the stress reaction.  Here we examine how the brain’s survival mechanism produces ‘lower order’ emotional reactions that can be unhelpful and inaccurate, plus the difference between good vs unhelpful stress.

Reframing your thinking.  In this part we look at understanding the ‘thinking traps’ we sometimes fall into and how you can step back, strip out the emotion and re-assess and handle pressurised challenges. There will be a group exercise where you will work in pairs in breakouts to analyse a previous work-related situation. 

Session 2 (1 hour 30 mins) | 18 June, 10am - 11.45am GMT

(2 - 3.30pm GST, 3.30 - 5pm IST, 5.30 - 7pm HKT/SGT)

The Science behind Mindfulness.  This session looks at the science behind, and benefits of mindfulness and breathing techniques, including scientific evidence of how they impact the brain and the stress reaction. There will be a review of the apps and tools available. 

Keeping your focus and limiting distraction. Why technology makes us butterfly between tasks and keeps us in a state of ‘continuous partial attention. There will be a quiz to explore people’s relationships with their phones as well as practical ideas on how you can change the way you work to stay focused and be more productive.  

Exercise, sleep and diet.  This part will look at how other aspects of your lifestyle impact the way the body responds to pressure and can help build resilience. (Including polls on how these behaviours have been affected by COVID.) 

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Paul Phillips

Trainer & Consultant


Streaming live from London