APAC Brave Together Conference

19 November, 2pm to 5pm

Timings: HKT/SGT 2pm - 5pm / India 11.30am - 2.30pm 

This year our Hong Kong, Singapore and India hub are joining forces to create a truly Brave Together Conference in partnership with The Wall Street Journal

2020 has redefined what it means to be agile, to innovate and to boldly take risks. Now, our Singapore, Hong Kong and India hubs join forces to find out how we can all be brave marketing leaders of tomorrow, together. 

For anyone who has attended our previous conferences, you'll know that they are a culmination of a year's worth of insights, inspiration and discovery. The APAC Brave Together Conference is your chance to reunite with your community and come together to create marketing that makes a difference.  

Our Speakers 

We're curating a programme of brave speakers that will provide you with fresh perspectives, new ideas and tangible insights. Our speakers include:

Hosted by: Julia Clyne, The Wall Street Journal

The Growth Mindset
Rob Lilwall, Geography teacher to Global Explorer
Rob is an expert at embracing challenge. He's cycled from Siberia to the UK, travelled from Mongolia to Hong Kong by foot and most recently, embarked on a 70-day solo expedition through China's treacherous Taklamakan Desert. In this session he will explore the powerful parallels between braving the worlds of adventure and business, each full of pressure, uncertainty and high stakes revealing how a simple shift in mindset can enable you to be more courageous, resilient and braver than you ever thought possible.

Importance of Brand Purpose when leading a Business through a Crisis
Dean Aragon ‘The Brand Guy’ CEO, Shell International Brands
In a career that has spanned 31 years, Dean has worked on developing, activating and commercialising market-leading global brands, he is commonly referred to as 'The Brand Guy'.  Dean is going to share candidly with us the journey Shell have been on over the last year, what they have learnt and how important brand purpose has been on their journey as they navigate the business through crisis.

The Future of Human Connection
Simone Heng, Human Connection Specialist
How is the COVID19 crisis preparing us for future success? How can Human Connection make us more resilient in a crisis? During this session Simone will be sharing why human connections make us more resilient on a physiological level, Ways in which COVID 19 is raising our resilience for the future and why we need to tap into Human Connection during a crisis 

Marketing for Good
Hina Wainwright, NEON Leaders
In 2020 we launched our Marketing for Good initiative in Hong Kong to bring members together to be a force for good, Hina will share with you the objectives, challenges and successes we have experienced so far.

Using your skills and passion to be a force for good
Jeff Rotmeyer, Founder, Impact HK
Impact HK are on a mission to support and guide the homeless of Hong Kong to successfully integrate into the wider community, getting the homeless off the streets and settled into employment and their own homes. Jeff started Impact HK after having the idea to do one act of kindness per month for the homeless, three years later it is a fully operational charity - Jeff will share his journey, the story so far, the success they have had with the support, passion and dedication of their volunteers not only by positively helping homeless individuals, but also changing the face of philanthropy in the territory and showcasing why businesses can and must invest back into society to help build a better tomorrow, today.
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Learning from Founders panel
Sairee Chahal, Founder, Sheroes (India), Karena Belin, Founder, Whub (Hong Kong) and Christina Lee, Founder and CEO of GGEF (Singapore)
This year has certainly pushed marketers to be their bravest selves and to adapt and pivot responding at pace to the various issues and challenges that have arisen. We believe that there is a lot to learn from successful start-ups and founders, in this session we hear from three successful female business leader who will share candidly the journey they have been on this year, what they have learnt, the mindset of a startup business and what other leaders can learn from them.

Un-Stereotyping your brand
Aline Santos, Global Executive VP Marketing & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Unilever
Stereotyping and unconscious bias in your brand and the way you share your brand story can have a negative impact not only on reputation but your business as well. In this session we explore how you can ‘Un-Stereotype’ your brand to make your brand message more engaging.


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Dean Aragon

CEO & Global VP Brand, Shell Brands International

Simone Heng

Human connection specialist

Aline Santos Farhat

Executive Vice President Global Marketing, Unilever

Sairee Chahal

Founder, Sheroes

Karena Belin

Co-Founder & COO / CFO / RO, AngelHub

Christina Lee

Founder and CEO

Rob Lilwall

Adventurer, author and motivational speaker

Jeff Rotmeyer

Founder, Impact HK

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