Sam Reid

Entrepreneur, Loops

Sam is an entrepreneur who has made an impact in the business world over the past 15 years, concentrating on leveraging technology to improve work processes.

In 2010, Sam founded 'Guided,' a creative agency embracing crowdsourcing principles. Rather than relying on a fixed creative department, Guided tapped into a global community of talented creatives through a custom-built work management platform. Some of the agency's notable clients included Disney, Hewlett Packard, Diesel, Ted Baker, Richemont Group, Penguin Random House, and The Barbican. Sam's work with Lord Sugar earned Guided the prestigious Guardian MEGA Award for Digital Innovation.

During the Guided journey, Sam collaborated with Scott Morrison, the current co-founder, who served as the CMO at Diesel at the time. Together, they introduced 'Tapestry,' a loyalty app designed for Diesel. By combining purchase history, iBeacon technology, and Instagram data, Tapestry delivered personalised perks to shoppers. The innovation behind Tapestry led to it being featured on BBC2's retail revolution series.

In 2016, Sam and Scott joined forces again to launch 'ThinkSprint,' a global platform connecting startup entrepreneurs with corporate innovation sprints. Clients included Google, Samsung, Diageo, and Santander.

While developing the ThinkSprint platform, Sam noticed the potential of AI to accelerate the innovation process. This realisation spurred Sam's current focus on 'Loops,' a test-and-learn platform that bridges brand and design work to a vast network of consumers, enabling instant feedback. By adopting AI technology, Loops efficiently summarises thousands of consumer comments into actionable insights within seconds. High-profile organisations like Hilton, Santander, and Unilever have already embraced Loops as a game-changing tool.

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