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How Businesses can Lead the Way Toward a Greener Future

In December 2023, our friends at The Marketing Practice launched a new report titled, ‘Carbon Conscious Advertising’, ‘How Businesses can Lead the Way Toward a Greener Future’.

The leading international B2B agency took a decisive step towards addressing climate change, by measuring and reducing carbon emissions within their operations and campaigns. In collaboration with Carbon Responsible, a data-driven expert advisor that helps clients develop decarbonisation strategies, they decided to quantify the carbon emissions created by their own 2022 rebrand as the test bed for our initial carbon accounting.

As well as setting a precedent in the sector, the report hopes to spur brands into measuring the environmental impact of their own marketing activities. By commissioning this piece, they gained valuable insights worth sharing with the industry at large so they’re sharing the report with us here. 

“It's easy to mistake marketing’s carbon footprint as being minimal, but when the impact of our actions on the total value chain – and changes in customer behaviour – are included, the impact on the climate is substantial.,” says TMP’s ESG Lead, Simon McEvoy. 

The report stresses the need for;

  • More accurate data capture
  • The pursuit of low-carbon suppliers
  • The marketing industry to establish sector-wide standards

The report’s takeaway message is the importance of collaboration and networks in the collective effort to reduce emissions and combat the climate crisis. 

We’ve given you a little taster, now you can read the full report here.

Published on 10 January 2024


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