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Top Takeaways from Digital Day England 2024

Tish House, Head of Conversion Marketing at ITV shares her top four takeaways from The Digital Day England 2024:

Stop thinking about Search as a channel and start thinking about it as a behaviour

Every search is a real person raising their hand and asking a question. That is a moment of high intent for brands to reach and engage with people and it happens in many different places, not just on Google and not just at the bottom of the funnel. 

When tackling digital transformation it's important to build teams of people who are willing to speak up.

Challenge the norms, even when they're met with resistance and bring new thinkers from the outside in. And finally, simplicity is so important - talk about it in a way that your grandmother would understand!

To deliver hyper-personalised content you need to think about 2 key things - Content Cleanse and Automation

If you don't get your assets in the right order with the correct meta data etc, your DAM can become a content graveyard. Most companies cannot produce the right number of assets you need to truly scale personalisation. You need to use AI as a production facilitator to scale the amazing work creators do - not take creators jobs. 

Finally, it only takes 3.5% of any group to influence people through change if they have the right tools.

As a change leader, think about the impact you can have and the power of community. Don't lose sight of what you're doing - go back to basics and tell your story. 


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