Brave Get Together

Meet and connect to like-minded marketers this year

Virtual, 4 November, 8:30am to 6pm

Every November for as long as we can remember, we've been gathering as a community to become better marketing leaders. And this year is no different. 

In these strange and complex times, coming together as marketers has never been more important. It's easy to feel stuck right now, to presume that there's no growth on the horizon. But we know that brilliant marketing is the best way to drive our brands forward in this new world.

And we know that surrounding ourselves with fellow marketers who understand just what we're all going through, is how we'll find our way through. 

We all have a stake in the future of the marketing industry. We all need to learn how to thrive in a new reality, find growth opportunities, pivot when needed, hold onto market share and prove marketing effectiveness to our board.

What will it be like? 

We won't be gathering together in person this year. But we're doing everything we can to ensure you experience the magic of a Marketing Society conference from the comfort of your own home. 

This is not a conference... this is a Get Together when we work as a community across all seven of our hubs and hatch a plan.

This is not a series of faceless PowerPoints... this is a new way to collaborate, inspire one another and make things happen.

This is not an ordinary day working from home... this is the day when you stop feeling stuck and know what to do next.

Why should you come?

Because coming together with fellow marketers will boost your confidence in what marketing can do. Because a day away from WFH will spark big ideas and give you the space you need for transformation.

Because you'll walk away with tools to become a better marketing leader — actionable insights, marketing effectiveness evidence and a clearer head for what matters.

Please note: recordings of the sessions and talks will be available on a special platform for one month after the event for delegates only. Then they will no longer be available. They will not be available on The Marketing Society website, or our YouTube or Soundcloud channels.

What will you learn?

Our full list of speakers can be found below and as always they are inspiring, surprising and memorable:

Senior marketing leaders who talk candidly about the intricacies of failures and success offering us wisdom and actionable insights.

Brave leaders from parallel industries who've fought and won in times of adversity and can teach us about operating in the new normal.

High performing stars in the worlds of sport and the arts who remind us of the value of creative thinking in tough times.

Inspirational coaches who can share advice, tools and tips on high performance leadership — boosting our skills in team building, relationships, innovation, agility and more.

Ready to meet 37 like-minded marketers?

We've been hearing loud and clear from you that making connections and having serendipitious conversations is one of things you like best about our Annual Conference. So we're going to make sure it keeps on happening at this year's Brave Get Together, from the comfort of your home.

Peppered throughout day we'll have four Connect and Create sessions to bring you into a 'virtual' room with three like-minded peers for conversation and connection. We'll help break the ice with some tasks and leave the rest to you.

And then we'll have our breaks, this time in breakout rooms, mixed at random with at least five fellow marketers. It's like bumping into people over coffee and croissants, but this time with a virtual handshake.

So that means you get to meet 37 like-minded marketers during the day. We'll make the introductions happen and all you've got to do is work the room like it's 2019.

Who will you hear from?

Mishal Husain, Broadcaster

Prof. James Pennebaker, Psychologist – University of Texas
Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells, BBC Radio Presenters – The Naked Podcast
Tim Kobe, Founder – Eight Inc
Ged Couser and James Hepburn, Principal BDP – designers of the Nightingale Hospitals
Amy Edmondson, Novartis Prof. of Leadership and Management – Harvard Business School
Ken Muench, CMO – YUM! Brands
Adam Morgan, Founder – eatbigfish
Benjamin Zander, Conductor – Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
Jan Gooding, Chair – Given, and President – Market Research Society
Pat Symonds, Chief Technical and Engineering Officer – Formula 1
Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing & Comms – Formula 1
Baroness Manningham-Buller, former Director General – MI5
Sara Bennison, CMO – Nationwide
Jamal Edwards MBE, Founder – SBTV
Cephas Williams, Founder – Drummer Boy Studios, and Photographer – 56 Black Men
Ed Smith, GM EU Marketing – Amazon 
Kathleen Saxton, EVP and MD – MediaLink
David McQueen, Entrepreneur, professional speaker and executive coach

Sense Makers and What I've Learned
Syl Saller, President, The Marketing Society and Former Global CMO
Juhie Gorwara, Head of Corporate Marketing, Philips Indian Subcontinent
Erica Kerner, Senior Vice President – ONE Championship
Sid Banerjee, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer – Games24x7
Margaret Molloy, Global CMO – Siegel+Gale
Sandra Murphy, Founder and MD – Equidgel
Ed Bell, GM, brand, insights and marketing communications – Cathay Pacific
Chris Barez-Brown, Founder – Upping Your Elvis
John Willshire, Founder – Smithery

Time to get together... because we're not alone

Time to be braver together... because this is where our best ideas come from

Time to be better together... because we've got this.


Pat Symonds

Chief Technical and Engineering Officer, F1

Adam Morgan

Founder, eatbigfish

Trixie LohMirmand

Executive Vice President, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre

Issam Kazim

CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing

Sara Bennison

Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Edward Bell

GM Brand, Insight & Marketing Communications, Cathay Pacific

Mishal Husain

Broadcaster, BBC News

Baroness Manningham-Buller LG, DCB

Former Director General, MI5

Jamal Edwards MBE

Founder, SBTV

Cephas Williams

Founder, 56 Black Men & The Black British Network

Kathleen Saxton

CMO, MediaLink

Ed Smith

GM, Marketing, Amazon

David McQueen

Entrepreneur, professional speaker and executive coach

James Pennebaker

Prof. of Psychology, University of Texas

John Willshire

Founder, Smithery

Chris Baréz-Brown

Founder, Upping Your Elvis

Tim Kobe

CEO, Eight Inc.

Kat & Jenny

BBC Radio Presenters, The Naked Podcast

Amy C. Edmondson

Novartis Prof. of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

Ellie Norman

Global Director of Marketing & Comms, F1

Ged Couser

Principal, BDP (NHS Nightingale Hospitals)

James Hepburn

Principal, BDP (NHS Nightingale Hospitals)

Ken Muench

CMO, Yum! Brands

Syl Saller CBE

Former Global CMO, Diageo

Sophie Devonshire

CEO, The Marketing Society

Jan Gooding

Chair, Given

Margaret Molloy

Global CMO, Siegel+Gale

Sandra Murphy

Founder and MD, Equidgel

Benjamin Zander

Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Siddharth Banerjee

Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Games24x7

Juhie Gorwara

Head of Corporate Marketing, Philips Indian Subcontinent, Philips Indian Subcontinent

Erica Kerner

MD, Global Head of Sponsorship & Events, Standard Chartered Bank
Brave Get Together 2020 - highlights from the day


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