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Dubai: Brave Conversation with HSBC and Unilever

HSBC Offices Dubai, 23 September, 8:30am to 10:30am

From establishing consistent culture to ensuring our businesses are agile enough to adapt, focusing on the customers of today and of tomorrow, restructuring and driving growth whilst managing budgets, marketers today are pulled in numerous and often conflicting directions. 

So, what can we do to manage the expectations we face in the busy and demanding marketing world?

Find out from two top global CMOs and influential members of our Society – APAC Chair, HSBC’s Global Head of B2B Marketing, Tricia Weener and former Dubai Chair, Unilever MENA’s Media and Digital Transformation Director, Asad Rehman.

Tricia and Asad will candidly share their own personal experiences before opening up the conversation to the room.


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Asad Rehman

Digital Hub & Media Director, Unilever

Tricia Weener

Chief Marketing Officer, HSBC


HSBC Offices Dubai
HSBC Tower, Downtown Dubai, Level 5 – Townhall 1, Dubai, UAE
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Business Dress