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Summerhall, 31 October, 9:30am to 12:30pm

At Trendspotting Marketing Society members and guests come together to discuss and explore emerging trends, strategies, and innovations.

For this year’s Trendspotting Creativity on 31 October in Edinburgh we will focus on these three areas:

Gaming x Marketing

With the rise of the gaming industry and the widespread popularity of video games, marketers are starting to recognise the potential to engage with a large and diverse audience through gaming-related strategies.

During this session we’ll look at a beginner’s guide to marketing and gaming – where to start, how to access and what the creative opportunities are.

We will highlight examples of brands doing great work in the gaming space and discuss what it means for our industry.

Is bravery dead?

Bravery is necessary to challenge the status quo, try new ideas, and experiment with unconventional strategies.

Successful marketing campaigns often involve creative thinking and the willingness to take calculated risks. However, a recent study showed 82% of clients describe themselves as ‘risk averse’ (DBA, April 2023).

How can agencies manage the creative process, alongside the client, without killing a brave creative idea? And how do clients get sign off when presenting a ‘risky’ idea within the boardroom?

Marketing to Gen-Z

Marketing to Gen Z is unlike marketing to any other generation. They represent a new frontier in brand-consumer relationships - one where authenticity and relevance reign supreme.

As marketers, it’s crucial for us to invest time and effort in understanding this generation's preferences, behaviours, and aspirations. What can we learn from brands connecting creatively with Gen-Z in a successful way? How should our marketing strategies adapt to this new audience – digitally and beyond.

These events provide a platform for marketers to learn from each other, share insights, and stay ahead of the curve in our ever-evolving industry.

Speakers confirmed so far include:

Barrington Reeves, Founder and Creative Director, Too Gallus
Jacqueline Reid, Global Director of Marketing & Comms, Rokbak
Chris Dunne, Head of Marketing, Thinkbox
Mercy Abel, Podcast Host of Audacity of We and Cultural Insights & Content Lead, John Doe
Alex Hamilton, Head of Innovation, Denstu Creative
Dave King, Head of Creative & Strategy, StudioLR
Emma Houston, Head of Comms Planning, MadeBrave


Bookings have sold out for this event. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to join the waiting list. 

Thank you.


Rod Gillies

Brand Director - The Dalmore, Whyte & Mackay

Dave King

Head of Creative & Strategy, StudioLR

Jacqueline Reid

Global Director of Marketing and Comms, Rokbak

Barrington Reeves

Founder & Creative Director, Too Gallus

Mercy Abel

Podcast Host of Audacity of We, and Cultural Insights & Content Lead, John Doe

Chris Dunne

Head of Marketing, Thinkbox

Alex Hamilton

Head of Innovation, Denstu Creative

Emma Houston

Head of Comms Planning, MadeBrave


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